About us

MICROPRIBOR LLC is a reliable operator on the market of electronic and electromechanical components in Ukraine.


Our employees are professionals in their field. Their many years of experience with leading manufacturers and continuous training, - the key to successful partnerships. We provide our Ukrainian Customers with maximum opportunities for cooperation with foreign suppliers.


Does your company have a complex requests for components? We will satisfy them! Everything you need - from marking tags (standard and custom, self-adhesive and shrinkable) to intelligent products, including industrial computers, electronic sensors with data processing systems, industrial monitors, touch panels.


MBCROPRIBOR LLC, as a proven supplier of integrated circuits, discrete semiconductor devices, passive components and electromechanical products, is ready to offer the Customer the majority of practically important types of electronic components manufactured by world-renowned manufacturers.


We work directly with manufacturing and large distribution companies, for example - ARROW ELECTRONICS, SETRON.


We are the exclusive and official representatives of the following companies in Ukraine:


   MEGATRON ELECTRONIK AG & Co. - force sensors, displacement, rotation angle, precision

                                                                         resistors and potentiometers, industrial manipulators;

   WAGO KONTAKTTECHNIK GmbH - vibration resistant spring terminals,

                                                                     multi-plug systems, electronic modules;

   AIMTEC Inc. - AC / DC-, DC / DC - converters;

   ADZ NAGANO GmbH - electronic pressure sensors, level meters;

   ASM GmbH - positioning and speed sensors;

   WILCOXON RESEARCH Inc. - vibration sensors, incl. explosion proof;

   ACCORD Co., Ltd. - matrix compact keyboard 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4, 3x4, 4x4,

                                       plastic and metal;

   KUNDISCH ELECTRONIC GmbH - protected film keyboards 1x4, 2x4, 3x4, 4x4 ... 5x8, (IP-65);

   RAFI GmbH & Co. - pushbutton switches with a diameter of 8–30 mm, including, with a lock, with

indication, selector switches;

   PARTEX MARKING SYSTEMS A.B. - marking products for wires, harnesses, cables,

                                                                     dashboards; marking printers;

   ELPAC ELEKTROMECHANIK - enclosures for equipment made of aluminum, including standard

                                                            DIN 43700; PCB Mounting Products; tips for wires;

   AVALUE - embedded computer modules;

   EVER ELETTRONICA S.R.L., FULLING MOTOR Co., Ltd - stepper motors, control drivers;

   ATOUCH TECHNOLOGIES Co. Ltd. - touch panels.

   Embedded thermal printers NIPPON PRIMEX.

   EMSYST weighing strain gauges.


A surely for our work is the delivery of products certified according to international and national standards. We guarantee our customers high quality and reliability of the products supplied.


Long-term successful relationships with foreign partners, among which are world-recognized manufacturing companies and the largest European distributors, allow us to control all stages of supply and fully guarantee the fulfillment of obligations to customers.



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